Welcome to the National Academy

The National Academy is the Federated States of Gapla's premiere public school, teaching courses in mathematics, computer science, music, history, linguistics, vexillology, heraldry, and much more. Founded in 2015 to support struggling students, we now offer a wide variety of courses for all learners, meeting on Zoom and rarely on our in-person campus.

Teaching real courses since 2015...

Unlike the vast majority of micronational schools, the National Academy is really an active educational institution in which you can register for classes that actually take place either on Zoom or on our person campus which we rent on an hourly basis. For most classes, homework, tests, and quizzes are assigned, as well as a final project.

Our mathematics, computer science, and history courses are tied to their macronational equivalents and consist of a real, full-length course on the subject that will ensure mastery. 

Supporting the gifted

As we treat ourselves as a real academic institution, we provide support for our gifted students who are neglected in a regular public school environment.

Real learning, for free

Our classes are much higher quality than many online resources and are equivalent to macronational classes. Our teachers are certified in their field.

And much more...

The National Academy provides the opportunity for anyone to learn and teach at any time, wherever or whoever they are.

Get involved with us!

Browse the website to sign up for a course, teach one, observe one, or apply for gifted or special designation and support.