Academy Staff

All of the National Academy's staff are skilled, credentialed instructors.

Head of School
Chair of Computer Science and History
Instructor, Mathematics
Baek Advisory

Deputy Head of School
Chair of Peforming Arts
Instructor, Mathematics
Chen Advisory

Chair of Mathematics

Instructor, Mathematics

Instructor, Computer Science

Instructor, Performing Arts

Instructor, Linguistics

Nicolas Wiedemann

Instructor, Vexillology and Heraldry

Selected Biographies

Wyatt Baek, Head of School

Wyatt Baek is the Head of School at the National Academy. He founded the Academy in 2015 to support remedial as well as advanced students who requested his help in mathematics, in which he had a passion for. He was the first department chair of Mathematics, the first and only department of the National Academy at that time.

Throughout his Academy career, he has competed and won several mathematics competitions, such as scoring a Gold Medal in the Russian Mathematics Olympiad, a Gold Medal in the International Mathematics Competition, achieving second place in California in the United States Mathematical Kangaroo, achieving a perfect score in the Mathematics Competitions for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), and achieving the Honor Roll on the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8).

He has helped train dozens of students for readiness in mathematics, and developed several mathematics curricula of his own.

Although he has been replaced by Virat Varada as the mathematics department chair due to his commitment to computer science rather than mathematics, he continues to teach mathematics up to Geometry as well as some history at the National Academy. Being a gifted student himself, he advocates for fairer treatment of gifted students with federal grants similar to those who have intellectual disabilities, as he believes that gifted children are not being provided the support they need in American public schools, a view shared by many of the students at the National Gifted Academy, where he also teaches.

Chelsea Chen, Deputy Head of School

Chelsea Chen is the Deputy Head of School at the National Academy, and the head of the National Academy of Elemental, a seperate but related institution to the National Academy.

From a young age, she has seen a passion for performing arts and has achieved a large array of achievements in that field. Being a violinist as well as a pianist, she has performed for many influential diplomats, ambassadors, and at famous locations such as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, and Segerstrom Center for the Arts' Renee and Henry Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. A member of the Pacific Symphony's youth division, she performs in the youth division of one of the most respected professional orchestras in all of Orange County and arguably the state of California.

An expert in music theory and an enthusiast in music in general, she chairs the Performing Arts department of the National Academy today, giving her knowledge to dozens of Academy students.

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