Our Two Campuses

Like our three schools, we offer twp distinct campuses for our students.

Virtual Campus

The National Academy Virtual Campus (also known as National Academy Online) is our most popular option. Classes, grades, announcements, homework, and quizzes are all distributed online on the National Academy Canvas.

The class meets weekly through the Zoom meetings platform, usually for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the course. Most of the learning is self-directed and done through the homework provided.

Message boards and class slideshows reinforce the material taught in class.

Morse Campus

The National Academy Morse Campus is the campus we use for in-person meetings and classes. While many of the material is still assigned on Canvas, most courses still have paper-and-pencil work and activities that are done in the campus, such as things that cannot be done on the Virtual Campus.

Many virtual classes may choose to do a reunion at Morse if they all live near the mainland Gaplan region.