School History

Learn about the National Academy and its rich history.

The National Academy's history dates far back to 2015, when Wyatt Baek founded it as a remedial school for students who needed support in mathematics. Over time, his students grew in knowledge of mathematical operations, aced tests in school, and many more students began to join him at lunch hours to study and improve their skills. This is the start of the first National Academy, then known as Paris Academy and soon after Rootpi Academy, as it focused solely on mathematics.

As more and more students expressed an interest in expanding the school beyond one teacher, more teachers in English, History, and Science were slowly recruited and curriculums were built from the ground up, referencing the curriculums of successful nations and private institutions. The Academy had now outgrown its mathematically based name and became Forever Academy: a name that has been used since most of the Academy's existence, and was used until 2022, where the Academy was acquired by the Gaplan government to be named the National Academy.

For the first time, Forever Academy had its own online gradebook, teacher directory, website, and course syllabi.

More and more students joined this unprecedented new hub of learning, and students were achieving amazing results. In the meantime, Wyatt himself had medaled gold in several mathematics competitions and had been ranked second in the entire state for one of them, which caught the attention to expanding Forever Academy to even more subjects. Teachers were hired for robotics, which took place at a local school after school hours, and to a limited extent an orchestra, band, and most famously choir. However, virtual learning, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, was adopted through Google Hangouts (now Google Chat)'s video call feature, predating many schools switching to this method in March 2019.

Computer programming courses began to rise, and as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Forever Academy found a need for a place which it could teach its courses that needed physical space, realizing that it could no longer use schools anymore. After the COVID-19 pandemic died down two years later, in 2022, Forever Academy entered into an agreement with the Federated States of Gapla to use its office and meeting rooms on Von Karman and Morse avenues to teach its courses.

Later in the year, the Federated States of Gapla acquired Forever Academy, as it was useless that two educational institutions (the National School for Gaplan Education and Forever Academy) were headed by the same person, and that one, Forever Academy, was clearly superior. Soon after, the schools were merged and renamed to the National Academy.

Although many micronational schools are founded just for the sake of it, the National Academy was founded with a purpose that predated Gapla: the need for an alternative, informal, and personalized education.

This is exactly what we seek to provide to this day.