Apply to NGA or NSEA

Our year-round admissions grants admission to the National Gifted Academy or the National Special Educational Academy througout the year.


If you did not come here by deliberately clicking a link in the "Enrollment Landing" page of this website, you must go back there to complete your application. The exception is that if a National Academy staff member gave you the link to this page.

If you did deliberately click the link or if a staff member led you here, then please READ THE INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY...

Step 1: Required Testing

Take the following test. Your goal is to deduce what figure should belong in the lower right corner.

The test is timed for 15:00, but the questions are very quick. Try to think logically, but it is not necessary to think very hard about the problems.

Step 2: Notification

Email that you took the "NGA/NSEA Admissions Test."

Be clear, and be sure to state that (1) you took the NGA/NSEA Admissions test and (2) your full name that you will use to enroll in the National Academy,

Step 3: Enroll

You're now ready to enroll in the National Academy as any regular student would.

Click the button below to start the process.